Testimonials 2008:


Thank you for a good experience today! I caught a Walleye that was 30 inches and almost 10 lbs. I'll remember that forever, so thank you!

Corrine - Age 14
Elk River, Minnesota


We had such a fun week at your camp - Thank You! You are delightful owner and employees and we appreciate all you do. We caught lots of great fish and had many personal bests for all of us. We will highly recommend your camp to others. It was great to have 14 family members together for a week of fishing and fun. We hope to be able to come again!

Dennis, Susan, John & Carl Frame
Osseo, Wisconsin


What a great lake for fishing and a great camp for family & friends! We caught many Walleye, Pike, Bass and several large Muskies (40"-50") - a thrill of a lifetime! We will highly recommend this camp and lake to our friends. Thank you for the great service and hospitality. We felt welcomed and at home. Thanks!

Bill & Rhonda Hugunin
Camanche, Iowa


As I write this ledger, I am the lone survivor of our original group of eight. The trip began as planned, with sunny days and crisp nights, walleye, pike and bass on the lines, perfect waters and lush scenery. But, after George drowned, things went from bad to worse.

Joe and Steve docked on Picnic Island and were eaten by a moose. Later on that same day our group leader, Dr. Paul, hooked a 40 pound muskie and was pulled into the water. By the time we got him into the net, well, there wasn't much left, so we used his remains as bait.

Gene and Irle, the camp elders, have not been seen since they put out the bear bait. We hope they went quickly.

As for Bryan, who would have thought Typhoid Fever would find its way into our little corner of Canada. I kept him as comfortable as I could, but toward the end, he was just begging to die.

As for me, I have locked myself into this wonderful cabin. I have plenty of provisions and running water. If I can just hold out for a few more days, I'm sure Cindy will come with the final bill and directions into town.

Had a great time otherwise, and we - I mean I - hope to return soon.

Chip Taft, Comedian
Dayton, Minnesota


This is some of the Iowa, USA, Crawford family reporting. We have been here one week, had good weather, good fishing and enjoyed our vacation. We are taking our limit of Walleye home, but not Northerns. It is obvious the 'camp keepers' are working very hard to improve and maintain the cabins and camp. Thank you for all you do to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained. Your fish fry supper is great too!

Dan, Ruth, Bob & Russell Crawford
Independence, Iowa


The camp is well run and very clean. The owners and their staff couldn't provide better service. They are all gracious, helpful and take that extra step to make your stay enjoyable! The one day trip to Burr Lake is fantastic! A great time had! Thanks again.

Fred Bauernschmidt
Batavia, Illinois


Lovely! Restful and beautiful scenery. My husband caught plenty of fish and me plenty of suns' rays. The treatment of guests is awesome - feels like home away from home. Thanks for the great time.

Brian & Margaret Charette
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Great fishing - caught lots & lots of Walleye. As usual, great hospitality, clean cabins & fun. Now, how about that weather - rained everyday- oh well - it didn't dampen the fun and fishing!

Rich & Lana Graser
Mokena, Illinois


Great fishing and wonderful hospitality. The weather was superb the whole week with the exception of one rainy day. The cabins are well maintained and very well equipped and the staff are "the best!" We are definitely coming back for another great experience. Caught plenty of fish and met a lot of interesting people. Just a really great time.

Michael & Justin Ives
Cochrane, Alberta


What a great week! The cabin was perfect, great boats, awesome scenery. We had a blast getting to know Hank & Cindy and everyone else. We especially enjoyed the fish fry. We appreciated the help in cleaning our own fish. Hopefully by the time we come back we will be experts! We caught some HUGE fish in spite of a slow start due to weather. Can't wait to tell everyone back home about our trip!

Nancy, Jesse & Kelly Jarvis
Valparaiso, Indiana


We have been here for a little over a month and we feel like family here! Everyone is so gracious and will go that extra mile to make your stay comfortable and memorable. I will never forget any of you! The scenery is breathtaking with all the eagles soaring around. I am so sad to have to leave, but I know we will be back! Hopefully see you again May long weekend! Best wishes to you and your camp for years to come! Love,

Moe & Hunter Forsyth
Oxbow, Saskatchewan


Well, another great-great adventure to your country and neighborhood!!! We really don't know where to begin to thank both of you and your staff for a terrific week at the camp… from being flexible to squeezing us in to "the full moon week", the trip to Burr Lake, always being there for us (propane, bait, gas, tooth brushes, dish towels, fans and always taking the time to visit no matter how busy you are…)! Tyler is a great guy, helps out and is always there when you need him. Hank & Cindy and staff are doing an outstanding job. Some great improvements and just plain terrific people!! The great Wednesday night fish fry, ahhhhh…… the blueberry dessert, the caring and compassionate attitude to make sure that every guest is having a good time!!! This means so much to us and makes the trip a terrific memory maker. We cannot thank you guys enough. You have made the trip to Wabigoon one that we will all remember the rest of our lives! We continue to have the time of our lives each and every time we come to Indian Point Camp in Canada!!! We are ALL looking forward to next spring…. Maybe even May for a couple of us to fish trout. See you in June for sure, if not sooner!!!

Rod, Austin & Taylor Meints
Belmond, Iowa


Cindy and Hank are the best hosts anyone could wish for. Fishing was good with a few big ones getting away but had a wonderful time. We'll be back many more times!

Frank & Joyce Stone
Mason, Ohio


Went fishing in one of the most beautiful lakes and had lots of fun! Best of all was coming back to the camp to be with Hank and Cindy. We couldn't ask for better company. Thank you so much for everything! Hope to come again next year.

Chris & Frankie Drury Sanford, Florida


We had a great fishing week. On July 25, we caught about 30 Walleyes. All were under 16 inches except for the 29th Walleye, it happened to be 29 inches and about 9 lbs. The northern point of Anderson Island was the hot spot for us this week (9 ft. to 13 ft. water).

P.S. The person that did the dishes usually caught the most fish!

Nicole Gay, Age 15
Mankato, Minnesota


Wow! We had a really great catching week. Caught 30 some Northern over 30" and 6 Northern that ranged between 36"-38", 7 Muskies with the biggest at 48". Over all it was really great. We only had 1 day that was rainy. So thanks a bunch Hank and Cindy and crew. We'll be coming back!

Brian, Cindy, Lisa & Jesse Karau
Mosinee, Wisconsin


Had a great time!! Fished in cold, warm, rainy, sunny and everything in between. We caught nice Walleye and a couple of 15" Smallmouth Bass and big Northern. We saw a bear swimming by the shore, not 50 yards away, otters, a bobcat, deer, but have yet to see a moose. Loved the wine tasting - raspberry-rhubarb being my favorite! Hope to see you next year!

Pat & Linda McKee
Maryville, Missouri


Dear Hank and Cindy and the rest of the crew… we had a really great time and stay at Indian Point Camp. Thank you to all of you for all your kindness and being so attentive to our needs. The wildlife that was seen was something… eagles, moose, weasels and deer! Hope to see you again and stay here.

Steve Johnston & Steve Riley
South Burlington, Vermont & Richmond, Vermont


Arrived in camp on Tuesday night. We are fishing Tuesday through Friday. Wednesday we caught 34 Walleye. Thursday we caught 55 Walleye. Tomorrow is our last day.

Dick & Troy Smith Belmond, Iowa


Today my family was having a slow day fishing when all the sudden I felt this great big tug on my line and about 5 minutes later I had caught a 33" Northern. I had to let it go but it was exciting to catch him!

Monica Crawford, Age 11
Independence, Iowa


We drove a long way to a lake called Wabigoon, they say you can catch fish a.m., p.m. or noon.

There are Walleye in the lake, that's for certain, oh, by the way, Cabin #7 needs another curtain.

Pros to our left and Minnesotans to our right, one looking for Walleye the other for Pike to fight.

The first part of the week we fished Wabigoon, Mile and Trapp, we found fish and avoided big rocks thanks to Sherridon and his map.

On Thursday we drove to a lake and a bay called Puzzle, upon our return it was too late to buy any beer to guzzle.

The long, dusty road made our trucks and boats look like …….. but the fish and the scenery made the long haul worth it.

Our last day was another long ride looking for trout, not one could be caught and I began to pout.

Jay did catch a Muskie 42 inches at least, not sure what it weighed but it sure was a beast.

The staff at the lodge was as nice as could be, they even made dinner for my three friends and me.

It's now time to pack up our trucks and hit the road, a limit of Walleye and memories are part of our load.

So to all the staff and the lodge that is Cindy and Hank's, the boys of Cabin #7 would like to say thanks!!!!

Jeff Metzler
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin


From West Virginia almost heaven we drove nearly 1400 miles to paradise in #7. The week was filled with smiles.

We lured the mighty Walleye out from his rocky hole, every day a limit caught from nearly every pole.

The Walleye slayer Sam watched over us from above, we hope we made him proud by doing what he did love.

We all enjoyed our fish fry served up fresh out of the lake, cold beer, fish and all the fixins' plus Elenor's very yummy cake.

One day Cindy took us shopping, we hope we didn't wear her out, then it was a girl's night with great wine, twas very stout.

The mighty Muskie stayed aloof with not one caught under this roof but Perch, Walleye, Pike and Bass proved Wabigoon to be 1st class.

Country roads must take us home but we found a place we belong, as we leave our eyes will be damp, back at work we'll long for Indian Point Camp.

Until one day again we do meet, know our stay has been a real treat!!

We want to say a big THANK YOU!!!

Ranae Winemiller,
Shinnston, West Virginia


I went fishing with Alex, the guide, and we had a great day. We caught our limit of Walleye and cooked some for supper with Maureen, Hank and Cindy. Thank you very much. It's a nice place to be.

Ken Birtch
North Bay, Ontario


We enjoyed the week very much. Caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun. The camp keeps getting better each time we come here. Keep up the good work. Until we meet again,

Lyle & Margaret Hosch, Rose Grover, Sam McDonald & Michelle Osterhaus
Independence, Iowa


Hank and Cindy,

My dad and I had a great time and you met all of our expectations. You were very accommodating and tried your best to please everyone. What more could anyone ask for? I wouldn't change a thing for next year's deer season. When I got home I took my 13 pointer around to show to my friends! I would be happy to be on your list for a positive reference.

Brian Novak
Midland, Michigan


Hello Cindy,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say hey! I can't tell you how much fun we had. I can't wait to come back up next year! You all were so nice and made our stay so fantastic!

Ray Seeber
St. Jacob, Illinois


Hi Hank and Cindy,

Just a quick note to express the appreciation of Jeff, Tony, Skeeter and myself for the great week we had at Indian Point Camp. It could not have been better for our first experience on Wabigoon - beautiful weather, great fishing, comfortable accommodations, a lot of new acquaintances, helpful staff at the camp, etc., etc. A great time was had by all! Thanks again for your warm hospitality.

Jay Metzler
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Bill Hugunin (aka "hugey") caught a 50" monster last Thursday out of Indian Point Camp on Lake Wabigoon near Dryden, Ontario. What a hog!! (the fish I mean!) It was hooked on the figure 8 at boat side while his wife Rhonda, son Eric and Eric's girlfriend watched in horror as the monster tried to pull Mr. Bill into the lake. Eric was finally able to hear "get the fish in the net"! We heard them hollering and cheering clear across the bay!!! What a week on the 'goon'!! We saw lots of other fish and Bill and I both had a 40" and 42" in the boat (I should have had 2 hogs but …oh well!) Lots of nice pike and plenty of eater Walleye's. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I left a chunk of a stainless prop in the lake (it's a tradition that I hit a rock when we go somewhere new, 3 years running now!!)

Rudy Morgan
Clinton, Iowa