Muskie Fishing:

Wabigoon Lake is one of the hottest Muskie lakes in Ontario and maybe in all of North America. Not only are great numbers of Muskie found in the lake, the Muskie get big. Some people call Muskie the fish of 10,000 casts. You will never hear that quote around here.

Our guests come back year after year because their Muskie catching success is so extraordinary that there is no reason to go anywhere else. The Muskie are everywhere. They are out in open water, along the shore, in bays, off rocky points and sometimes even swim up the many streams that feed the lake. Generally the best place to catch them is along the weed beds as they wait for unsuspecting feeder fish to venture out of cover.

The biggest reason why there are so many Muskie is the presence of Cabbage Weed, which is their favorite ambush cover, and the abundance of food. Wabigoon Lake is stuffed with Perch, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Pike and other feeder fish. It's an endless banquet. With all this food combined with the warmer than usual water, Muskie grow fast and grow big. Big water also means big fish. Wabigoon Lake and the adjoining lakes gives you over 50,000 acres of prime Muskie habitat.

Muskie are common in the 30 to 40-inch range. Guests catch a lot of these smaller Muskie while fishing for other species. Many of our guests that are Muskie fanatics spend most of the week hunting down Muskie and are prepared with the right equipment and lures. Anyone can run into a big Muskie but our die-hard Muskie fishing guests catch many fish in the 40 to 50-inch range and over the course of the summer, several Muskie over 50-inches get caught and released.

There are many people including Ministry of Natural Resources' biologist whom believe Wabigoon Lake will be where the next World Record Muskie will be caught.

If you are new to Muskie fishing, we will help you get started and show you where all the hot spots are. If you are an experienced Muskie hunter, then prepare for a success rate, which you may have never seen before.

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