Northern Pike Fishing:

Northern Pike are one of the most common fish in Northwestern Ontario. They are found in almost every lake and they are easy to catch because they attack everything that moves. Wabigoon Lake is no exception. Even with our high Muskie population, Northern Pike still flourish and are one of the dominant fish species in the lake.

Many of our guests like to catch small Pike, as that's the best for eating. A small Pike, eaten fresh, can be compared to Walleye. Most of our guests who come for Northern Pike are not satisfied catching small eaters; they want their picture taken with a trophy.

Wabigoon Lake and adjoining lakes have over 50,000 acres of prime Northern Pike habitat. We have many weedy bays, rocky points, sunken weed beds, islands and shoals, which are all prime Northern Pike areas. Many of these areas are where small streams run into the lake. At the mouth of these streams you will find Cabbage Weed, Wild Rice, Lily Pads and Bulrushes (Cattails). These are the plants that create perfect Pike habitat. Perfect habitat combined with the warm nutrient water of Wabigoon Lake means our Northern Pike grow big and grow fast.

Pike are common in the 2 to 12-pound range. Many guests catch and release Pike all summer in the 15 to 20-pound range. On occasion, Pike as big as 25-pounds get caught but they are rare and only a couple of guests each year run into a monster Pike like that.

If Northern Pike fishing is an important part of your fishing vacation, you will not be disappointed if you choose Wabigoon Lake.

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