Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

Smallmouth Bass are very common in Ontario and have now started spreading into the arctic watershed, where they are considered an invasive species. The population of Smallmouth Bass in Wabigoon Lake is natural and very welcome.

Most fisherpersons know Smallmouth Bass are the hardest fighting fish pound-for-pound and that they taste great. They are also well known for jumping in the air. If they are so common in Ontario, why fish for them on Wabigoon Lake? The fact is that big water and the right habitat produces big fish. In Wabigoon Lake, some of the biggest Smallmouth Bass in Ontario have been caught and released.

Wabigoon Lake has over 50,000 acres of prime Smallmouth habitat. Its shores are lined with rocky points and good spawning streams. The interior of the lake is dotted with hundreds of rocky islands and shoals. All these rocks produce an abundance of their favorite food, which is crayfish. There are also massive schools of minnows in the lake and good weed cover around the rocks. All this food produces great sizes as well as great numbers.

Smallmouth Bass are very common in all sizes up to 4-pounds. It's not uncommon for people to catch 50 bass or more in a day. People who fish specifically for bass throughout the week should catch a few 5-pounders and maybe even a 6-pound bass. On rare occasions, monster trophy Smallmouth Bass in the 7 to 8-pound range get caught but they are rare, which is why they are considered trophies.

Smallmouth Bass are very easy to catch and it's the very best way to introduce your children or non-fishing friends to fishing. They do not have sharp teeth so it's a safe fish for your kids to catch.

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