Black Bear Hunting:

Ontario has been overrun by Black Bears. In the last ten years, Black Bear numbers have doubled or even tripled in some areas. Some say it's from a combination of milder winters, absence of spring hunting and better-managed forestry. To bear hunters, all that matters is there are more bears and a greater availability of really big Trophy Black Bears, which is the main factor in the success of your hunt. Our town "Dryden" was named after all the bear dens in the area. Traveling to the Dryden area in the fall to prepare for hibernation is an ancient migration, which the bears cannot resist.

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  • Here at Indian Point Camp, we are responsible for managing a bear management area (BMA) of 250 square miles. That's a big BMA and baiting bears from such vast surroundings lures great numbers of bears to our stands and gives our hunting guests an unusually high success rate. We limit the number of hunters per season. This enables us to give your hunt a more personal touch and maximize your success. All baits are active weeks prior to our hunter's arrival and we discuss in detail with each hunter the patterns and habits of each bait site.

    Black Bears in our BMA are usually between 150 and 350 pounds. Sighting rates are usually 100% but most of our bear hunting guests pass on smaller bears and wait for a big old male. On occasion Black Bears over 400 pounds are harvested.