Moose Hunting:

The town of Dryden is known for lumber, as well as fishing and hunting. Where trees have been cut down, forestry companies plant millions of saplings to replenish the forest. Before these young trees grow to any size, the land grows grasses, berry bushes and softwood trees with incredible speed. These plants become a banquet for Moose, as it's their favorite food.

There are four species of Moose found in North America. Moose found in the Dryden area are Eastern Canadian Moose, Western Canadian Moose and hybrids between the two. Bulls are common over 800-pounds with many reaching as big as 1300-pounds. On occasion Moose as big as 1500-pounds have been harvested in Northwestern Ontario.

Because of the availability of grasses, buds and bark from softwood trees, the meat from Moose in our area is spectacular. It can be compared to high quality free-range beef. Moose that are located in deep pine forest are harder to hunt and their meat tastes gamy. This may explain why our area is such a popular destination for Moose hunters.

The MNR gives us a limited amount of non-resident adult Moose tags each year so it's best to book your Moose hunt early. We still have unlimited calf tags. If you have your own tags for our area, please contact us for availability of accommodations. We have 1 bull moose rifle or 2 bull moose archery in WMU #8.

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